BA of Arts in Architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2013

For many years I have been occupied with the concepts of – space -construction – narration – context – presentation.

Initially I trained as an actor, and then became an architect too. These two occupations may seem very different but to me they are both operate with the ability to use empathetic insight and to be able to transform and process knowledge, intuition and experience. This may sound a bit inflated but it’s really quite simple: being an actor I have ‘lived many lives’ and these experiences add subtleties to my architectural and design work, and strengthen my ability to identify and analyse the various elements featured in the process.

Mainly my work consists of refurbishment, interior design and furniture design.
My appointment can vary from an individual inspiration session to the implementation of large conversions to the redesigning of entire homes and businesses. I can be involved in all phases from generating ideas, to specifying and drawing, to the final execution and site management.